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I am thrilled to have you here! I am a passionate linguist currently pursuing my PhD. My research focuses mainly on psycholinguistics, particularly in bi/multilingual.

Originally from the island of Sardinia (Italy), I was raised bilingual in Italian and Sardinian.

Growing up, I didn't even realise that being a Heritage Speaker of Sardinian would shape my academic journey in such profound ways.

I started my journey in academia by studying foreign languages (Arabic and English) and communication for my undergrad at the University of Cagliari.

During my BA, I found myself in Istanbul as an Erasmus student, totally falling in love with Turkish culture and determined to learn the language. Turkey stole my heart, and it made me want to dig deeper into Turkish studies, which led me to get my MA in Venezia.

İstanbul City View

Besides being a language nerd, I love dancing and I have been doing it as an amateur for over ten years. 

When I am not overthinking language, you can find me showering love on every cat I come across - but especially on my cat (Ted).

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and getting to know me a little better. If you share a love for languages, I encourage you to explore my articles, research projects, and resources on this website.


Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, thoughts, or even just to say ciao in front of a glass of wine—I'm always eager to connect with fellow language enthusiasts!

İstanbul City View
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